The Velocity11 Help Center contains the entire searchable Velocity11 online documentation set for VWorks. It is automatically installed with VWorks, but you can replace the installed Help Center files with newer ones to get the latest information.

Open or download the ZIP file and overwrite the "helpsystem" folder in the VWorks installation folder (probably C:\VWorks Workspace\bin\helpsystem) with the "helpsystem" folder in the ZIP file.

Note: The ZIP file is a large download (19MB).

Date of Update VWorks Version at Date of Update Download Link Changes
April 24, 2006 VWorks3, 24.x VWorks Helpsystem Extensive update to one VWorks User Guide topic (Setting change tips task parameters) and several minor context-sensitive help fixes. The update is suitable for VWorks3 versions 20-24. Includes updated BenchCel User Guide for BenchWorks version 24.x. Added eight new driver sections to DeviceDriverUserGuide.